First Houston Meetup is a success! Thanks to everyone for attending

Thanks everyone for attending the first every event for this meetup group! Again, as time progresses I hope this group evolves into truly something amazing where we can collaborate/discuss around securing your Microsoft environment and also partners we work with.If you would like to join the meetup group, please visit Link to Meetup Group

I plan to add blog post of relevant things I discover. Additionally, if you would like to join our teams channel. Its totally free and you can also join with your existing company email you work for and switch between organization. Link

Please fill out this survey to see if there would be a better time better for these monthly meetings, so please take a moment to fill it out as that would help me determine the best time for our group. Link to Survey If you are a partner and would like to sponsor the group, please reach out to me directly and we can work together.

Also, please send me a message if you have any request for content stuff you would like to see.