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Join our Teams Channel Instructions

Its FREE, so please join our teams channel so you can ask questions, learn, discuss, and network.
Its invitation only, but it is not that hard if you are already using teams. Download Teams Instructions here


You can use your company login and you just have to switch organizations from the same app. (Wont have to sign out)
or can use a personal email, but it will require you to sign-out/sign-in to change organizations to the Microsoft Security Meetup Teams channel if you are using teams with your company already.

  • Send a request to join the teams channel

Send an email to from the email you want to join, so I can send you the teams invite.

Once invited, you should see the additional organization “Microsoft Security Meetup” next to your profile button on the top right to change organizations (Unless you are using another email, then you would need to sign out instead)