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Dynoroot Exploit with Windows Defender ATP and Ziften
Posted 5 months ago

In less than 2 minutes we demonstrate the Dynoroot Vulnerability [...]

Hacker hunting and built-in protections with Microsoft Azure
Posted 6 months ago

Join Shain Wray from the MSTIC security team as he demonstrates the [...]

Harnessing the Law of Data Gravity: Cyber-Defence for the Hybrid Cloud
Posted 6 months ago

Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft [...]

Windows Defender ATP – Unified platform for endpoint security
Posted 8 months ago

Windows Defender ATP is a unified endpoint security platform that [...]

Taking Ransomware to task with Windows Defender ATP
Posted 8 months ago

Watch as we cover how to use components of Windows Defender ATP to [...]

Further sharing signals across the Intelligence Security Graph
Posted 9 months ago

This video demonstrates how Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection [...]

Windows Defender ATP Investigation and Response
Posted 9 months ago

See how Windows Defender ATP automated investigation and response [...]

Microsoft 365 Conditional access based on device-risk with Windows Defender ATP
Posted 9 months ago

This video shows how the machine risk level constantly evaluated by [...]

Windows Defender ATP Secure Score
Posted 9 months ago

Learn how Windows Secure Score helps organizations stay more secure, [...]

Posted 10 months ago

In this comprehensive overview of the Microsoft 365 Security offering, [...]

Cloud App Security – Working with the Regex Engine
Posted 1 year ago

This video walks the customer through how to leverage the content [...]

Windows Defender ATP machine learning: Detecting new and unusual breach activity – BRK3375
Posted 1 year ago

Microsoft invests in next-gen security to protect from malicious [...]

How Microsoft uses Windows Defender ATP
Posted 1 year ago

Come and see how Microsoft IT uses Windows Defender Advanced Threat [...]

Azure ATP Introductory Video
Posted 1 year ago

In this session, we will learn about the exciting new features and [...]

Red vs. Blue – Internal security penetration testing of Microsoft Azure
Posted 5 years ago

Scott hears from John Walton all about the full time security testers [...]